Tasked to re-imagine the aging ParkLet website, designing and rebuilding it for the modern age. Designs were provided and iterated using Balsamiq wire-frames. Development was done by exposing the backend (.Net) as a REST based JSON API. The client side code was developed as an AngularJS app. The finished result is a clean, fully responsive site, that was released late 2014. Backend Expose .Net backend as a REST based API. Web Design and build responsive site with an Angular JS app for client side search. Key Skills AngularJS Google Maps (JS) Bootstrap JSON .Net Balsamiq


Tasked to design and build both the website and iOS app for the startup PocketParking. Initially a REST based API was built, designed to scale, and hosted on Google App Engine as the backbone of...

Depart for Android

In-house project used to explore Google App Engine and Google Cloud Endpoints. These two great technologies are changing the way apps are developed, allowing full stack development at a rapid pace...