How do I update my website? Content management is fast and easy with MonkeySource

What is Statamic content management?

If you’ve ever had to update your website, you’ll know about content management systems and how they’re vital to keeping your ongoing website costs down. You might choose to have a web developer step in once in a while for more complex site changes or updates, but with Statamic CMS you can easily update your content and images yourself, even from your phone.

Unlike some agencies who choose to sell pre-made template websites for their customers, MonkeySource websites are made to measure for your requirements… But that doesn’t mean you won’t receive a content management system as you would with a WordPress site. See our blog post on why we don’t use templates.

Here’s why we use Statamic to build our sites…

1. Statamic didn’t lie when they said we’d enjoy radical efficiency

“Build better, easier to manage websites. Enjoy radical efficiency.”

Building with Statamic allows us to rapidly scaffold our websites, reducing the build time, which, in turn, allows us to design and build beautiful, bespoke websites for less.

2. Our clients absolutely love it

You could argue that one of the most important things about a content management system, other than how it performs behind the scenes, is how easy it is for you to make those important changes to your website. Statamic CMS removes puzzling, unnecessary areas you’ll never use, and means you won’t need training on how to use it. Confusion levels go down, productivity goes up.

Here’s what one of our clients (notreallybooks) thinks about Statamic content management:

“It’s like magic how something can be so easy to use but at the same time produce something so clever.”

3. Your very own tailored control panel

When we build your site, it’ll come with its very own customised control panel. You won’t have to hunt through areas you don’t need to find what you do need. You’ll be able to easily change your text and images, and add, remove and switch components. Whatever you need to be able to do, Statamic makes it easy.

4. Images on Statamic

Statamic image editor

Statamic lets you upload an image, and edit it there. Rename, resize, crop and filter your images all in your content management system. Our favourite thing — you can set the focal point of your image, so your website visitors will always see the subject, or most important area of your image, whichever device size they see it on.

5. Forms are included

Again, Statamic treat their users to forms with no extra purchases required. Collect and manage submissions, and generate reports. You can even export form data as Excel compatible files.

6. Statamic websites are more secure

“83% of hacked sites online are WordPress”

WordPress CMS is the most vulnerable to attack. If your site is hacked, developer emergency support can be expensive. And whilst you’re spending money having your website fixed, you’ll also be losing customers and business without your online presence.

Enter Statamic. Built on Laravel, the most up to date, robust, and secure PHP framework available, Statamic includes most (and possibly all) of the features you would normally need to buy plugins for on WordPress. This is where you’d actually be spending money with WordPress.

7. Statamic allows us to build fast performing websites

“53% of visitors will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load”

Nobody likes a slow website. But did you know that your website speed even affects your Google ranking? Even if your site looks great, if it doesn’t perform fast you will lose visitors and be penalised by Google. Statamic CMS uses flat files and no database, speeding up website load times.

8. The cost is inclusive of everything you’ll need

Ok, so WordPress content management is free and Statamic isn’t. Statamic costs $199 per website, but this price includes everything you’ll need to run your site such as advanced custom fields, a backup utility, a forms module, search plugin, and a high quality caching system. On WordPress, you’d need to pay for these. You’ll also own it forever.

9. Our developers love it

We like happy developers at MonkeySource. And it seems that Statamic does just this.

It’s faster to create site scaffolding with Statamic, and, with its own template language (Antlers), our developers can structure their HTML however they see best for the project at hand.

Another benefit is that Statamic comes with thorough documentation, which is written in a style that makes it not only easy to understand, but interesting to read.

“Building with Statamic makes my job so much easier and quicker” — Arnold, Developer at MonkeySource

Recent websites we’ve built using Statamic

However big or small, your website design and development will reach its full potential with MonkeySource. Here are some examples of bespoke websites built using Statamic.



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And of course, our own…

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