Best and brightest


A week inside Google with their best and brightest, cupcakes that is ;-), at the Google+ Sign-in bootcamp.


I was lucky enough to be invited to Google’s series of bootcamps to get partners up to speed with Google+ Sign-in. You’ve still time to apply for upcoming events, see here:-

Google+ Sign-in Bootcamps

This is a great week to get up to speed with what the just release API can do. Here’s a quick overview of the two coolest features. I’ll give some more technical posts on how I’ve implemented each feature in some upcoming projects soon.

google office car

Over-the-air installs

This is a really killer feature if you have an Android app and related website. Whenever a user logs into your site, they are presented with a dialog offering them an over-the-air install of your Android app. They can agree the permissions right there, and by the time they pick up their phone it’s arrived. Pretty cool way to drive installs. Here’s what it looks like.

over the air install screenshot

Interactive Posts

This is like Facebook sharing on steroids. As you’d expect, you can share a post, and being Google+ you get to decide which circles / friends you’re sharing to. But the good part, these posts can be interactive with a prominent call to action. For example, you may say “Check out this track” and you get a button saying “Play”. Clicking the button takes you directly to the app, and starts playing the track. And if the app isn’t installed? Well then you’ll get a prompt to download, and once installed it still deep links you into the app and starts playing that track! Here’s an example I made at the hackathon. The user gets the post on the left. When they click View, they are taken directly into the app, deep linked to the correct location!

Interactive post screenshot

And the Rest

There’s plenty more that I’ve not covered here, to get a full insight to what the API can do see the doc’s here:-

Google+ Sign-in Doc's

Post by Ryan