Mobile Apps

We build bespoke native apps for Android and iOS. We take our craft seriously and push the boundaries in each app we build. We can take you from app idea to release in the app stores, or any of the steps in between.

We can also help with existing mobile projects, whether you need consultancy on best practices, or extra development. We have experience in building teams, and managing existing software and backends. Why not give us a call and see how we can help?


1. Planning

It is important to clearly understand the purpose of your app, and understand how it solves a problem for your users. We can help research the market, explain the technologies you need, and write clear use cases your app will solve.

2. Design

Before you can build the app you need to design it! User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are critical to your app's success. We can walk you through the look and feel (UI) of your app, alongside the interaction (UX) to make sure your app is a pleasure to use and achieves its goals from the planning phase.

3. Prototype

Apps are as much about how they feel as how they look. We can build you working prototypes to test how the app feels on real devices before we get down to the code. A very powerful tool to see how the app will work early in the process.

4. Build

Apps are built using an agile methodology to ensure constant feedback with the client and all interested parties. This means we'll involve you every step of the way, and can deliver you working builds regularly through the development lifecycle.

5. Testing

A crucial part of the development lifecycle which we start early in the build phase. By combining an agile approach and regular testing throughout we ensure there are no nasty surprises when the final project is delivered.

Hybrid Apps

An alternative to native apps, we also develop hybrid apps that are built using web technologies such as HTML and JS. These apps are getting closer and closer to their native counterparts and have the advantage of running on all the major platforms, providing large cost benefits.


Very few apps would be useful in isolation. The magic happens when they communicate with other services, devices, and users. This magic is known as the app's backend! We can build your backend service with the latest technologies which are designed to scale as your app grows.

We can also integrate with your current systems, or consult on the best approach.

Responsive Websites

Websites today need to cater for a lot more device types than in any point in history. In the mobile age it is common for over 50% of web traffic to be from mobile devices, yet a large number of websites still aren't optimised for phones and tablets.

We can design and build your new website, ensuring it looks beautiful whatever device it is viewed on. Alternatively, we can optimise your existing site for the mobile age. Our long history creating apps, gives us a unique viewpoint when approaching websites and makes sure mobile is considered first and foremost.