Developing MUBI for Roku

When MUBI first approached us to discuss developing MUBI for Roku we were excited to be part of extending the MUBI service to an additional platform. If you haven’t used the MUBI service before, now is a great time to try. They provide a new film every day, including, exclusive releases, forgotten gems, and award winning masterpieces and even offer a free trial to get you started. As an existing development partner for MUBI, on Android and PlayStation, we understood MUBI take great care over the design and UX of their entire service and it was fundamental to understand if we could we bring the same high standards to Roku. However, developing for the Roku platform was new to us and...

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iOS and Android SDK Comparison Part 1

This isn’t a series of posts to try to compare the two platforms and decide which one wins, whatever wins means, from a development perspective. It’s a post to compare the major...

A blog posted by Ryan, Director