4 hour icon design challenge

At MonkeySource, we’re constantly expanding our expertise and pushing ourselves in order to successfully complete new challenges. There are loads of ways we top up our skills outside of client projects too, where we can really experiment without compromise. Recently I discovered Briefbox, a great tool for designers to unleash their creativity and sharpen up their skills. It’s basically a space full of ‘fake’ design briefs (digital design, illustration, branding etc.) which you can undertake in your spare time. The reason I say ‘fake’: as far as I know, these briefs weren’t created by paying clients… but they’re pretty detailed and even come with time frames. Whilst browsing (and feeling pretty inspired),…

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The secret to flawless online collaboration

There is an entire world of different tools online all created for the same purpose: to make the lives of teams in the workplace that little bit easier. From instant messaging apps and time tracking…

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